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Vivaldi asks for decryption password – I never set one ……

May 09, 2019 · @darx said in Vivaldi asks for decryption password – I never set one:. No it does not work. I can log in to Sync with password, but when entering same password for "encryption password", it says "wrong password entered".. Does the encryption password have any limitations for password length or what characters can be used?

How to manage passwords in Vivaldi? | Vivaldi Browser

Feb 20, 2019 · In Settings > Privacy > Passwords, hover over the password you want to delete and click on the “x” button at the very right. To clear all your saved passwords, go to Tools > Delete browsing data and select “Passwords.” Password encryption in Vivaldi. On Windows, passwords are encrypted using a Windows API function for encrypting data.

Encryption keys and usability in browsers | Vivaldi Browser

Nov 19, 2018 · The Vivaldi Sync settings user interface will insist on being provided with a separate encryption password before starting the synchronization and tries to inform the user as to why it is needed. Vivaldi’s Sync service depends on having a Vivaldi Account on Since these accounts are used for other services we provide and have been around since well …

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In case you’ve forgotten your encryption password and don’t have a backup encryption key to decrypt the data or just want to change the encryption password: Open Sync Settings; Log into your Vivaldi account; Click on the I Lost My Password button; In the pop up, click on Clear Sync Data; Then Start Sync again and enter a new password.

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