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Lincoln Logs Building Manual: Graphic Instructions for 37 …

For generations, children have loved playing with LINCOLN LOGS building sets and discovering just how inventive they can be. The brainchild of John Lloyd Wright (son of the famous architect), these interlocking logs open up endless possibilities for kids: anything a child can dream up, he or she can build. Plus, every time kids place the logs in position, they’re enhancing their manual ……

Because LINCOLN LOGS pieces are colored and stained in the traditional manner, the dyes can rub off. Use is recommended on surfaces that can be wiped clean. Avoid placing the logs directly on carpet and other absorbent surfaces, which may cause staining. 74 2 8 2 1 2 10 8 9000.001 9014.001 9430.001 9001.001 9003.002 9037.001 9005.001 9003.001


The Original LINCOLN LOGS Building Sets have opened a world of discovery to millions of children. Only genuine LINCOLN LOGS sets offer the highest quality real wood pieces, now made in the USA! Fêter les 100 ans de LINCOLN LOGS avec ce jeu nostalgique, juste comme vous vous en souvenez !

The Original Lincoln Logs | Basic Fun!

LINCOLN LOGS®, America’s National Toy, have delighted generations of children since 1916.Not many toys have lived to see their 100th birthday and that’s what makes LINCOLN LOGS so special. Inside these collectible tins and heritage packages, you will find an authentic experience: the highest quality real wood pieces, beautifully stained and meticulously crafted …

Lincoln Logs Instructions | How To Adult
Each Lincoln Log building kit includes the necessary building components such as the logs, roofs and fence pieces. In some sets, figurines, such as farmers or animals, may also be included. Also, each set comes with a tin to store the logs in after use. Collectible sets will include a display case as well for a finished product…

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    The basic recipe appears to be: Starting with a slice of white bread, spread cream cheese along the length. Split a cooked hot dog lengthwise and place each half, cut-side down, on the bread. To get the “Lincoln Log” effect, you may need a second hot dog that is laid over the first in the opposite direction.

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    Featured Model Introducing the fifth of the High Peaks Designer Series. This introductory Series is inspired by the Adirondack lifestyle. We are confident that people will embrace the unique craftsmanship, quality and design, which The Original Lincoln Logs is known for.

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