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Affordable Quality Log Cabin Shed | Perfect Hangout Spot

If you are looking for the perfect hangout spot, these log cabin sheds offer the perfect rustic space you need. Now you can use this portable cabin shed for your hunting base, a getaway in the mountains, man-cave, or backyard workspace. Designed to replicate the traditional log cabin style homes, this prefab cabin shed will impress your friends and everyone that you invite to …

Cabin Sheds & Prefab Cabins – Countryside Barns

It is an ideal and affordable solution for a small office, playhouse, backwoods or lakeside cabin! Some people even use these cabin sheds as backyard storage or garden sheds simply because they like the look. The front porch is a favorite as well! Call today to inquire about prefab Cabins for sale or customize your own Cabin on our Shed Designer! For those of you looking for a bit …

The Cabin Shed | She Shed | Man Cave | Fisher Barns

The Cabin Sheds come with a 36″ Nine Lite Door as a standard feature. This is an insulated house type door to keep your cabin shed comfortable year-round.

Prefab Cabin Kits for Sale by BZB Cabins & Outdoors

Our cabins are like perfect tiny houses and are ideal for any space demands you and your family may have. For small and mid-size cabins, we recommend that you insulate the floor and roof. The Buyer’s Guide on our website includes all the information needed for this step. For larger cabins, we also offer factory-made insulation kits.

Tuff Shed Cabin Shells – Project Small House

You can use a Tuff Shed auxiliary building to make a small house. Now they have new line of cabin shells make it easier with floor plans and interior framing options. Tuff Shed builds the shell and can add interior framing that you finish yourself. Interior Wall Framing. Interior Wall Framing. TUFF SHED cabin shells come with a set amount of unfinished interior wall framing, which …

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