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SafePassage Solutions

SafePassage was built to serve HOA neighborhood communities and Apartments. This means we have a system that specifically caters to residential community members and visitors. We offer several packages to support an array of uses cases: Provide Access Control software to existing on-site guards; Provide low-cost Virtual Guards

SafePassage Residential

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SafePassage Residential

SafePassage Residential

Safe Passages Home | Resources to Recover

Fairfield County, CT. Safe Passages Home is a residence for men with mental health disorders who may also have co-occurring substance use disorders and who are currently under the care of a physician and other health care professionals. The staff provides mentoring and support for the activities of daily living, including meals, transportation ……

Residential substance use treatment for pregnant women and mothers with children. Heartland Bridges Short-term housing for people transitioning to or from mental health or substance use treatment, support services, and/or the justice system. InShape An evidence-based wellness program for adults experiencing Serious Persistene Mental Illness (SPMI).

The purpose of this chapter is to enhance safe passage by citizens on sidewalks, to place the responsibility for the maintenance, repair, replacement or reconstruction of sidewalks upon the abutting property owner and to minimize the liability of the City. 136.02 DEFINITIONS. For use in this chapter the following terms are defined: 1.

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