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American Sign Museum

Don’t forget to check out Neonworks of Cincinnati, the full-time neon workshop located inside of the museum! You can see tube-benders working their craft making signs for sign companies today. 1330 Monmouth Avenue

American Sign Museum (Cincinnati) – 2022 All You Need to ……

The American Sign Museum is an incredible museum located in the Washington Park area of Cincinnati. It is home to a wonderful and diverse collection of advertising signs. Neon is prominent, but there are many varieties on display. The tools of the trade for sign painters are displayed in the museum as well.

American Sign Museum – Cincinnati, OH – Yelp

This museum is a dream! This small, unique little gem is exactly what the title implies: a museum full of classic signs. Neon signs, glass signs, plastic signs, movie posters, and more, from many different decades. They usually give tours, which receive good reviews, but due to COVID they had an audio tour instead.

About – Staff | American Sign Museum

Neonworks of Cincinnati. Friend of the Museum, Neonworks of Cincinnati is Cincinnati’s only full-time neon sign shop! They create custom signs for commercial and residential use, and are located right inside of our building! Come watch one of the skilled craftsman create or repair neon signs during one of our weekday tours.

Neon Sign Company | Ohio – Neonworks of Cincinnati

Neonworks of Cincinnati continues to make custom neon signs. We got our start as a neon sign company in Ohio in 1991, providing manufacturing for local sign companies. Over the years, demand increased, and we expanded our service to include individuals and artists. Also, we provide repair and restoration for everyone who uses signs to tell history.

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