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JDS6600. The JT-JDS6600 is a 2 channel signal generator which produces signals up to 60 MHz. It is in different areas of measuremet technology useable because of its different curve shapes like sine, square, triangle, pulse, half-wave and others. Additionally, it is an 1 channel frequency allocation integrated.

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JDS6600-Lite. The JT-JDS6600 Lite is a 2 channel signal generator which produces signals up to 15 MHz. The product JT-JDS6600 Lite is a simplified version of the JT-JDS6600. The two devices differ essentially in the frequency range of the signals that can be generated.


Now start the JDS6600 software. Here you can first select the port where you have connected the signal generator to your computer. If you are not sure which COM port you have connected your signal generator to, open the Device Manager and check the connection in the Connections tab (COM & LPT). Then establish the connection with Connect.

Joy-IT JDS6600 – sigrok

  • The PCB’s contour seems to match the MHINSTEK MHS-5200Awith three BNC receptables on the front, and the arrangement of the barrel jack, the USB B receptable, and the IDC pin header on the rear side. The lattice chip is identical. Earlier MHS revisions used the same CH340G USB chip before they switched to PL2303. MHS uses an STM8 controller while JDS uses STM32. Th…

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  • https://supereyes.ru/img/instructions/JDS6600 Quick Guide.pdf

    3 2.4Technicalparameters FrequencyCharacteristics JDS6600-15M JDS6600-30M JDS6600-40M JDS6600-50M JDS6600-60M Sinefrequencyrange 0~15MHz 0~30MHz 0~40MHz 0~50MHz 0~60MHz Squarefrequencyrange 0~15MHz 0~15MHz 0~15MHz 0~15MHz 0~15MHz

    jds6600_python – GitHub: Where the world builds software


    Jan 28, 2018 · jds6600_python. Python class to remote-control a Junce-Instrument JDS6600 signal generator, using the USB-connection (serial-line emulation) version 0.0.1 (2018/01/19): initial release, reading basic parameters

    Review: JOY-iT JDS6600 DDS Function Generator | Elektor …


    In the past, every electronics technician had a function generator with an XR2206 in his (hobby) lab, but those days are long gone. Nowadays such a gener

    [Discontinued] JDS6600 Digital Control DDS Signal …


    JDS6600 Digital Control DDS Signal Generator is featured with high-frequency precision up to 10-6 orders of magnitude, full range of 0.01μHz frequency resolution, minimum amplitude resolution can be up to 1mV

    RD JDS6600 25MHz 2-Channel DDS AW Function Signal …


    Jun 26, 2017 · RD JDS6600 25MHz 2-Channel DDS AW Function Signal Generator. I was going to buy a cheap Feeltech, but some have reported that its lack of proper grounding is allowing voltages of around 90 volts at 1 milliamp to run through the probes. Concerns have been raised about connecting it to mpus and such.

    My software to control Chinese DDS Function Generator – Page 1


    Jun 04, 2021 · Re: My software to control Chinese DDS Function Generator. Yeah the software I posted earlier ought to run in Windows using Cygwin (or maybe even some other environments that provide bash/awk/etc.). The waveform editor is Windows but I run it under Linux/Wine. So you ought to be able to adapt it to Windows.

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