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Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree Overview …

Dec 04, 2021 · Degree Requirements. A bachelor’s in industrial organizational psychology gives learners a foundational understanding of the discipline, and prepares them to take on roles in areas of human resources, behavior analysis and management, and organizational efficiency.

Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology Careers

Feb 27, 2006 · There are many opportunities for job candidates with a master’s degree’s in I-O psychology. These psychologists often work in human resources, consulting, government, and positions in the private sector. The growing demand for I-O psychologists had led to an increase in the number of universities offering master’s degrees in I-O psychology.

Top Industrial Organizational Psychology Programs 2022+…

An Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology Graduate program studies work behavior. That includes how human behavior impacts the workplace. And how to help teams perform better. In this degree program, you’ll study work through the lens of science. You’ll explore ways to resolve workplace issues.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Specialized knowledge and training in the science of behavior in the workplace requires in-depth knowledge of organizational development, attitudes, career development, decision theory, human performance and human factors, consumer behavior, small group theory and process, criterion theory and development, job and task analysis and individual assessment. In addition, the speci…

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