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Secure Systems External Login

Click this link to access Reset Password and other useful information. There is an inactivity timeout of 30 minutes. Please save your work periodically to avoid being logged out. There is a session timeout of 4 hours. Once reached, you will need to re-authenticate after which you can resume work where you left off.

Logging In FAQs – IMS/PIC | / U.S. Department of ……/systems/pic/faq/login

There are two log on screens: one for HA users and one for HUD users: HA users should use:; HUD users should use: You can also access these links from the IMS/PIC homepage. Where do I logon to IMS/PIC? After a user has logged onto HUD Secure Systems (see …

Secure Systems External Login

Click the link to reset your password and for other useful information. ATTENTION: This computer system, and all the systems associated with this system for User Authorization and Authentication, are protected by a computer security system; unauthorized access to these systems is not permitted; and usage may be monitored.

Inventory Management System (IMS)/PIH Information Center …

During the 3-year transition period, we are using the terminology IMS/PIC to refer to the evolving system. IMS/PIC is responsible for maintaining and gathering data about all of PIH’s inventories of HAs, Developments, Buildings, Units, HA Officials, …

Secure Systems External Login – United States Department …

Please also note that there is a 4 hour session timeout, after which, you will need to re-authenticate. You can then resume where you left off. Content updated June 15, 2007. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 451 7th Street S.W., Washington, DC 20410.

3. After you have completed all tasks in the system you must log out using the Logoff link. You then need to return to the WASS Main Menu to continue to work in other systems or to log out of Secure Systems using the Logout link. If you do not see the Security Administration link, then you are not setup as a security administrator in PIC.

WASS LOGIN You will enter PIC through the WASS Login page; enter first your username which will start with an M (or H) and then your password. Please remember that your password will only be valid for 21 days and cannot be reused for the next ten password changes. After successful login you will encounter the Privacy Act page. You will have to agree to the

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