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login – Wiktionary

  • Etymology
    From the verb log in.
  • Pronunciation
    1. IPA(key): /ˈlɒɡ.ɪn/

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  • log in – Wiktionary


    Jul 19, 2021 · log in ( third-person singular simple present logs in, present participle logging in, simple past and past participle logged in ) ( computing) To gain access to a computer system, usually by providing a previously agreed upon username and password . I would like to log in to check my e-mail, but I can’t remember my password.

    logon – Wiktionary

    • Etymology
      From the verb phrase log on.
    • Noun
      logon (plural logons) 1. (computing) A combination of a user’s identification and password used to enter a computer. 1.1. Using the same logonfor different systems can be a security risk. 2. (computing) The process of logging on. 2.1. The user’s desktop is displayed shortly after logon.

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  • pronounce – Wiktionary

    • Recorded since c.1330 as Middle English pronouncen (“to utter, declare officially”), from Old French prononcier, from Latin prōnūntiō, itself from prō- (“forth, out, in public”) + nūntiō (“I announce”) from nūntius (“messenger”).

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  • logion – Wiktionary

    From Ancient Greek λόγιον (lógion, “oracle”), from λόγος (lógos, “word; the word or wisdom of God”) (from λέγω (légō, “I say”), from Proto-Indo-European *leǵ- (“to gather”)) + -ιον (-ion, suffix forming diminutive nouns).

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  • pronouncen – Wiktionary


    Middle English: ·To pronunce, utter, say· To declare, announce· To officially declare, decree, rule

    pronouncer – Wiktionary


    Jun 27, 2021 · Agent noun of pronounce; one who pronounces. 1881, The Western: A Journal of Literature, Education, and Art Moreover, it is to be remembered that a poor speller is a poor pronouncer. The ear does not mark the sound any more exactly than the eye marks the letters.· The official who gives out words to be spelled at a spelling bee and answers questions …

    repronounce – Wiktionary


    Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English [] Etymology []. re-+‎ pronounceVerb []. repronounce (third-person singular simple present repronounces, present participle repronouncing, simple past and past participle repronounced) To pronounce again



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