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Dec 29, 2021 · California State University, Long Beach Catalog (USPS 702-100) March 2020, Volume 72 1250 Bellflower Boulevard, Long Beach, California 90840 www.csulb.edu Back to Top | Print-Friendly Page (opens a new window) …

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address: 1250 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90840. Tap to view in Google Map. phone: (562) 985-4111. email: CSULB Curriculum Support.

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Jan 03, 2022 · American Indian Studies. Note: General Education Category A must be completed prior to taking any upper-division course except upper-division language courses where students meet formal prerequisites and/or competency equivalent for advanced study. • AIS 100A – Composition I. • AIS 100B – Composition II. • AIS 101 – Introduction to the …

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Introducing an exciting new registration feature to help students enroll in the classes they need for their program and stay on track with their academic goals. Reserved seats or reserved capacity is a new functionality we have added to the registration system beginning Fall 2018 that can save a certain number of seats for a specific group of …

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Aug 28, 2021 · Schedule of Classes Fall 2021. Class offerings as of: AUGUST 30, 2021 … Textbook Information

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Dec 27, 2021 · Fall: PHYS 254 – Applied Modern Physics (3 units) PHYS 255 – Laboratory on Modern Physics (1 unit) MATH 224 – Calculus III (4 units) Spring: Note: PHYS 310 or PHYS 360. PHYS 310 – Analytical Mechanics (3 units) PHYS 360 – Physics With Symbolic Algebra Software (3 units) MATH 247 – Introduction to Linear Algebra (3 units)

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Social. Work. , M.S.W. The School of Social Work offers a professional program culminating in a Master’s degree in Social Work. Our goal is to prepare students to enter professional, multicultural social work practice. Students learn to practice as professional social work ers with persons and groups representing the range of human diversity …

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General Education Archives. Thanks to the hard work of the CSULB Special Collections and University Archives Team, the following GE Sections from the CSULB Schedule of Classes and Catalogs are available in a digital format. For accessibility support, please reach out to the University Catalog team who can provide segments of the content as …

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1999-2000 (PDF) 1998-1999 (PDF) 1997-1998 (PDF) We’re also proud to present, thanks to the hard work of the CSULB Special Collections and University Archives Team, the following Catalogs in a digital format. These Catalogs contain PDF Bookmarks and Table of Contents links. For accessibility support, please reach out to the University Catalog

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Students earning less than 12 graded course units per Fall or Spring term will be placed on the President’s List in the Spring term of the academic year in which they accumulate 12 or more graded course units with an academic year GPA of 3.75 to 4.0.

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