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May 27, 2021 · Anthropology of Religion 1 This course focuses on religious beliefs and practices around the world. It offers an overview of forms of religious beliefs; variety of gods and supernatural forces; use of myth, ritual, religious ceremony; shamans, priests, and religious specialists. We will look at topics such as: symbolism, ritual, magic, divination,

Syllabus for ANTH 5310: Anthropology of Religion 3 Radin, P. (1937). Primitive religion. New York: Dover. Schama, S. (2013). The story of the Jews: Finding the words, 1000 BC-1492 AD. New York: Harper. Service, E. R. (1978). Profiles in ……

ANTHROPOLOGY OF RELIGION SYLLABUS COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course introduces a cross-cultural analysis of religion with a special emphasis on religious systems of indigenous societies. We study symbolic systems, rituals, religious organization, leadership, and

called the Anthropology of Religion. Topics include myth and ritual, religious origins, trance and other altered states, healing and bewitching, and religious practitioners. This course satisfies a course requirement for a minor in Anthropology. It is cross-listed with RELS 5310, and only one may be taken for credit. 2.0 Accessing Canvas

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Course objectives: By the end of this course, you will be able to: Understand and articulate major themes and controversies in the anthropological study of religion. Develop an awareness of the broad range of human phenomena that can be classified as “religious.”. Interrogate the validity of “religion” as a category of social analysis …

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Anthropology of Religion. Students in Anthropology of Religion study cultural contexts, beginning with conceptualizing “religion” itself as the product of Christian, European, and colonial genealogies in order to understand this concept’s impact on the world. Key theoretical areas of study include modernity, liberalism, secularism, and the reorganization and regulation …

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