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The second Industrial Revolution is usually dated be tween 1870 and 1914, although a number of its char – acteristic events can be dated to the 1850s. It is, however, clear that the rapid rate of pathbreaking inventions (macroinventions) slowed down after 1825, and picked up steam again in the last third of the century. This says

Second Industrial Revolution: The Technological Revolution …


The Second Industrial Revolution, which began in the middle of 19th century (1850-1970). It was a period of growth for pre-existing industries and expansion of new ones; such as the steel, oil and electricity fields.

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Second Industrial Revolution: The Second Industrial Revolution, also known as the “Technological Revolution,” was a phase of the larger Industrial Revolution corresponding to the latter half of the nineteenth century until World War I. It is considered to have begun with Bessemer steel in the 1860s and culminated in mass production and the production line.

Overview of the Second Industrial Revolution

  • Within just a few decades, the Second Industrial Revolution transformed the United States from a mainly rural agricultural society to a booming industrial economy centered in major cities. Since rural areas were now connected to large urban markets by a well-developed transportation network, unavoidable crop failures no longer doomed them to poverty. At the sam…

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    The Second Industrial Revolution fueled the Gilded Age, a period of great extremes: great wealth and widespread poverty, great expansion and deep depression, new opportunities, and greater standardization. Economic insecurity became a basic way of life as the depressions of the 1870s and 1890s put millions out of work or reduced pay.


    The 2nd Industrial Revolution After the Civil War was over, Americans began looking for ways to, not only rebuild, but to grow and develop new industries. There was an increasing push out West to find new land and the flourishing cities in California were demanding new transportation methods for gold and for supplies.

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    In history of Europe: The second industrial revolution As during the previous half century, much of the framework for Europe’s history following 1850 was set by rapidly changing social and economic patterns, which extended to virtually the entire continent.

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    Jan 25, 2019 · The rapid advancement of mass production and transportation made life a lot faster under the Second Industrial Revolution.

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